ccie blog


I’m Steve. My blog is a way to keep a record of what I’m currently learning, and a way to make my work publicly accessible. I have had a little break from my CCIE studies to learn a lot about computer and network security, Linux, Python programming, and Bash shell scripting. I’m very much into hacking and it gives me insane enjoyment to just pwn stuff. I may start a new blog that deep dives pwning networks, or pwning stuff in general so keep your eyes peeled as I will link it on this page if I decide I have enough material to do so.

I started learning about networking in 2007 when I went to uni. Since graduation in 2011, I started work in an ISP. After that I moved to an IT outsourcing company (CACI) where I was effectively outsourced as a contract engineer for companies such as Deutsche Bank and Traffigura. I then worked at Robert Half for a while where I basically worked as a project engineer for two and a half years. I also managed all their firewalls, as well as their core infrastructure. My main achievements were:

  • A complete re-design of their branch WAN design. This included re-designing the DMVPN connectivity for the core, and creating a robust failover design that works with their MPLS circuits. Where MPLS was primary for their voice traffic, and DMVPN was primary for their data. I managed to tune a stable failover design to three seconds, using EIGRP, HSRP, BGP, IP SLA’s, and Policy-Based Routing.
  • Creation of corporate and guest WiFi throughout the organisation which utilities dot1x for authentication via a centralised RADIUS server.