ccie blog


I’m Steve. My blog is a way to keep a record of what I’m currently learning, and a way to make my work publicly accessible. I have had a little break from my CCIE studies to learn a lot about penetrating testing, Linux, Python programming, and Bash shell scripting. I’m also now working on my Firepower knowledge, or more like, bug reporting skills with Cisco since I’ve already hit around 10-12 bugs in the last 6 months.

I started learning about networking in 2007 when I went to uni. Since graduation in 2011, I started work in an ISP. After that I moved to an IT outsourcing company (CACI) where I was effectively outsourced as a contract engineer for companies such as Deutsche Bank and Traffigura. I then worked at Robert Half connecting/moving new branches across Europe, as well as maintaining/upgrading the core network.

I did a bit of contract style work for a few other companies, and then moved to a university.  Surprisingly this job is the most enjoyable, since I get to work with the latest and greatest technologies on high end, bleeding edge hardware for a 40-50k staff/student user count network.  I get a huge amount of money to spend on the latest and greatest kit, loads of training, and I’m usually dedicating my time to sorting out some legacy hardware and design problems in the core network. So I quite often get to bring down the core network and put it back together with new kit & a better design which is cool. I really enjoy the freedom to chop old shit out of networks & make them more modern/functional, as well as tighten up security holes. Feels great when you have all your stuff properly documented, in a network that’s way more modular, secure, and traffic flows are way more optimal. Since I’ve enjoyed this so much, I’m hoping I can go for some sort of network architect role in the future.